918kiss complaint box…what exactly the function/purpose ???

hello there friends… u bet u all have 918kiss apps installed in ur hp right now.. do u guys have any idea what exactly the purpose for the complaint box there in front of the game. i didnt bother about it before this actually, but since my incident with the mbet11.com , where they cheated n not paying me the 3k. I used the complaint box , to try to make a report about them to the 918kiss hq. i made like 5 complaints, and gave my details etc, but sadly I didnt get any feedback… nothing… and even made me angry and sad is the kencingan mbet11.com didnt get any action and keep operation as usual. for me this is like giving a green light to the untrustworthy company to do what they like, as long they paying money directly to 918kiss hq… i understand this is gambling that we talking about, there is always a risk, no matter what. the customer is already willing to make a deposit to gamble , the other side which already received the deposit money must also willing to pay . nowdays its like the 918kiss hq is more biased to the company than to the customers, they maybe forget it is the customer that actually giving them money and keep 918kiss running….

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    1. Yes…Looks like the main HQ 918kiss is doing nothing to protect the players/customers… Be ause the cheating company / agent is still doing their business even though already made a report to the 918kiss HQ

      1. Yes its true…the SCAMMER agent still doing the job take the money from customer… Nothing action taken from kiss918 hq its truly mother fucker them shit.. Until yesterday from now i winning rm2k them talk to the agent to clearence my credit game to my bank acc nothing happen…them just says waiting for a while bullshit nothing transaction to my bank acc but in game the credit still like that rm2k… The company name OLDTOWN 88 PLEASE BEWARE..

  1. Totally agree with you, 918kiss should be caring the player more than agent, unless the HQ also retard like agent.. Langsung xda perasaan.. Semoga ditimpa kecelakaan bg mereka yg sekongkol menganiaya mangsa yg ditipu..

  2. I introduce my my to play 918 kiss918 he got a major jp vbut tat company said only pay 30% jp 1.5k n now even a single cent olso don’t have n app them totally don’t reply look like 918 ksis main hq if u all don’t do anything mean u just let them cheating ppl 1.5k only

  3. It’s like a cyber crime and cyber corrupt . All games are modified , reducing winning possibilities and bonus free winning system. This is fucking bloody corrupt.

  4. mungkin saja2 untuk memenuhi Ruang main screen dalam game.hehehe…x fungsi pun saya rasa…sbb time agent kencing x bayar, complaint pun x ada response.

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