American Roulette Royale

Dont like poker? Try roulette instead. Earn up to 3000 points monthly.

注意! 请登录,否则分数不会被记录参赛,谢谢。

Attention! Credits  will not be saved if you are not login.

Every Month End (Last Day) will get point as reward


Points Rewards







Game ranking will be reset within first 7 day of the month. Please take note of the winner announcement monthly before playing.

You can undo all/one , repeat bet with the 3 buttons on right bottom.

It will only save your highest score.

Your Score will be reset when you exit the game.

Monthly High Score Competition

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    1. Hi, not sure what are you asking, how to play the game or how to earn credit.

      1. You can search for tips from the internet , we might add some casino gaming tips in future.
      2. To earn free credit, you have to be top 3 of these mini games to get point prize. Point prize can change into “RM” and redeem free credit

    1. hi vivi.. boleh bg tips sikit cmna nk dptkn point yg tinggi. terutama bila point dh capai 6k.. mmg mudah utk menang tp bila capai 6k dia dh main turun naik.. tunjuj ajar ku sifu….

        1. oh betul juga ckp admin.. kalau macam tu minta admin la jadi sifu saya.. nanti kalau sy menang, admin bg 50% je rewards point tu kat sy.. 😝😝😝😝😝
          Tp sy ada satu idea la.. saya rasa ramai akan setuju, apa kata kalau kita gunakan point masing2 untuk main kat game roulette ni.. nanti kalau sesape yg dh habis point nk main, admin jual la kat diaorg.. hahahahaha.. cepat sikit dpt kumpul point.. point tu nanti boleh guna utk claim free kredit je, x blh tukar dgn cash..
          hihihihihihi.. nanti jgn lupa bg % atas idea sy yg bernas ni ya…. hahahahahahaa

  1. March 2020 Results
    1 kingcruez 7300
    2 datukmaimunah 7000
    3 hanizan 6920

    Winners with no avatar/profile image will not get prize rewards. Please add one soon.

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