Free 4D Bet Monthly

Have some silver but cant claim more free bets? No problem, even if you have 1 silver, you can get 2 Free 4D bet monthly here.

This event is under testing. If we receive good response, this event will be permanent.

Silver Member Play 4D for Free with Pub100 twice every month.

Pub100 will let our silver members to make TWO 4D bet for FREE twice a month.
The 4D bet will be made with every 2 weeks.

How does this works

Pub100 will make a bet on every 4D lottery (magnum, toto, damacai) based on your submission number

Win = We share the prize 50/50 with the winning member
Lose = Pub100 pays the bet

*The bet form only open on bet dates as below. Bet date will change monthly*

You can make bet on Monday to Wednesday

1st batch: 10th ~ 12th 

2nd batch: 24th to 26th

Closing time of bet is on Thursday. Any bet after that are not qualified.

1st batch: 13th

2nd batch: 27th

Result day is on Saturday

1st batch: 15th

2nd batch: 29th.

Any four digits of your choice , eg 8530, 1224, 4590


Every Pub100 Members with at least 1 Silver will qualify get 2 free 4d bet (every month).

Your silver amount will not affect how many Free 4D bet you can get. All member with at least 1 silver will get same 4D bet.

To get silvers, kindly visit our silver page to know more

Should you qualified (at least 1 silver) , you can only make 1 bet every 2 week.

Bet submission : Monday to Wednesday
Submission Close: Thursday
Bet made on: Friday
Result: Saturday

*This can be subjected to changes depending on 4D company*

This bet will be done on “straight” bet.

All bets will be on “Big” bet which as 23 winning prize in total.

RM1 bet will be made on every main company in Malaysia (Magnum , Da Ma Cai, TOTO sports)

Your bet chance will be forfeited and will not carry over to next bet chance if you did not make a submission before cut off time.

No, members can only pick 1 set of number. The number will be used to purchase all 3 4D providers (Damacai, Magnum, TOTO) at the same time.

Your Submission will be prioritized on whichever were submitted first. Any new submission for the week will not be used.

Should your number win , please kindly notify us to process on the winning claim as we will require to request it from our sponsoring site , OX88.

The winning will be shared 50/50 to you.

We will notify the winner via your registered account email if we are notified with the result first.

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        1. Hi, your silver amount will not affect how many bet you can make. Anyone who have AT LEAST 1 silver will get 2 4D bet chance per month (1 every 2 week).
          However , your method will be considered in future update if this Free 4D bet liked by many user.

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