Join our Telegram group

Pub100 and Casinopub have our own Telegram group for users to communicate or ask questions with each other anytime.

Things you can do/get these in our telegram group
  • Request for help from admins (Weekdays 10am – 6pm only)
  • Chat with other members
  • Random airdrop (free points/RM on random timing)
  • Verification for free credit (Weekdays 10am – 6pm only)

Pick your preferred group language

Rules (Please read before joining)

  1. Admin operation time (Monday-Friday, 10am- 6pm).
  2. Email us if you need specific help.
  3. If you have a question, please ask the question directly. Eg, “Hi admin” will be ignored.
  4. Do not repeat the same question more than 3 times to avoid flooding the group. You can email us if you need specific help.
  5. Spammers or purposely causing trouble will be removed from the group.
  6. General sharing casino are acceptable, but “promoting” are not allowed (eg, affiliate, downline, link to other whatsapp chat.) This is to avoid scams happening.
  7. We handle free credit order  using email for record purposes. Please dont claim in group chat.
  8. No spamming “code”, every claim will have different code, no use of copying other members. Spamming codes wont help you get your free credits faster.
  9. Do not “phone” call or pm any admins. Admins will pm you instead if required.

About Airdrops

  1. Airdrops will be normally given in form of coupon. It can be points, RM, silver and even free credits.
  2. Airdrops are limited, first come first serve. Stay active in group and you will have a chance.
  3. Do not add unrelated people , eg, not casino player. This is to keep our community safe and focus.


  1. 管理员运作时间 星期一 至五 (10am – 6pm). 有任何问题可以留下,管理员运作时会解答
  2. 比较复杂的问题可以通过电邮问询.
  3. 有任何问题请直接询问,不用请安.
  4. 减少重问问题,如果短期询问同样问题3次以上,就会被当着来捣乱。
  5. 我们不容许任何捣乱者, 捣乱者会将进入黑名单。
  6. 分享任何赌局网站是可以,不过如果你使用任何特别的会员链接招下线,统统不允许。这是为了减少骗局集团。
  7. 如果你是任何赌局管理员,想宣传你的赌局先要通过我们的批准
  8. 如果你是来领取免费筹码,请用电邮以方便我们记录,减少问题发生
  9. 每个人的验证码都是不一样,请别抄别的会员. 没经过处理的领取时不会通过的
  10. 请别私言任何管理人. 任何问题请留言再团组.如果有必要,管理人会私言你。
  11. 请别邀请无关的会员。


  1. 福利包会随机再团里派。 福利卷可以为 点数,RM或 免费筹码。
  2. 福利卷数量有限,先到先得。多多再团里互动,就会有更好的机会

Both group will share same support and freebies. Pub100/casinopub do not bias among group/language, the reason is due to the language barrier between user.


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