Poker Challenge

Poker competition most of player favorite. You will earn up to 3000 points monthly.

注意! 请登录,否则分数不会被记录参赛,谢谢。

Attention! Credits  will not be saved if you are not login.

Some of the users encounter error during this game, please play at your risk.

Every Month End (Last Day) will get point as reward


Points Rewards







Game ranking will be reset within first 7 day of the month. Please take note on winner announcement monthly.

You can click hold.

It will only save your highest score.

Your Score will be reset when you exit the game.

Monthly High Score Competition

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  1. I draw cards and get A , 6 , 5 , 3 , 2 and I get winning cards for straight..sometimes system will also see wrongly A become 4..system also will tired..hahaha

      1. Hi Yangling, you can only get ONE game top prize reward each month stated on the rule found on top of Mini games page.

        So you got 1500 points prize in your account already since January 6 or you can refer to your point history in your profile.

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