About Silver

Casino Pub Silver Coins is your experience in Casino Pub and more value with Points. You can earn Silver Coin by Depositing to our Sponsored Online Casino. In the comming future, Silver coin will have a lot more advantages, please collect it now.

Casino Pub 银币是您的经验值。您可以存款来获得银币。将来银币的作用很多,请尽快收集银币。

How to get Silver Coin 怎么获得银币

W88 user should be register under CasinoPub Website.

Rank 等级

The Higher Rank you have, the most benefit you have. Level Up your Rank now by earning Silver Coins. 越高等级,越多待遇。马上累积银币升级你的等级!

Members are ranked according to the total amount of silver Coins they have accumulated.


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