Spiderman Win 2.4

Spiderman cards allows you to get some points when you short of it..

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Change Log

2.3 bug.

2.4 patched (17 March 2019)

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      1. admin..same problem with me here..after buy then cannot see only with white background..i have 3 scratch cards same problem like this..refresh page and the scratch card can see it and click it then will turn only white background..

      2. I using chrome..really have this problem..after buy and is nothing..when refresh webpage then cards will be on play spot..if click buy spot again then will be repeated..so currently i have 5 scratch at play spot and unable to play..maybe u will not get i m trying to tell u but i really don know how to explain on this..

  1. admin..i have problem here that i have 14 spiderman scratch cards i cannot play/scratch..like now currently i have 14 scratch cards that i already buy it but pending to scratch..then i click play and nothing show up is blank..no cards appear for me to scratch..can u find out what make till this happen? thank u

      1. hi admin the problem is just same like what vinz666 post comment on captain america at January 10, 2019 at 3:27 am..would like to apologize for my bad english writing previously that maybe cause to u not understand what i m trying to tell out..

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