The Wolverine Scratches 3.0

we have increase the Value of winning cards in The Wolverine Scratches 3.0 version.

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Change Log

3.0 bug.

3.1 patched (17 March 2019)

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    1. that redpack no want get RM 500 because still have many ppl not scratch because no silver coin. lol … and one guy get RM 888 who is markkong last time you can ask him..

    1. Hi kakarod2, seems like you did not enjoy playing some free games that you don’t have to pay. It is just some mini game to play here after all, for you to test your luck before playing the real thing in any other casino.
      On a side note, even if you go play real lottery, you probably might meet the same situation or worse since it will cost your real money by then.
      Hope you enjoyed your stay with us 🙂

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