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Which country loves betting the most?

YouGov collected gambling data from 24 countries/regions, making people to understand the statistics and reasons of gambling in the world in an unique way.

Gambling for pleasure: What is the most enjoyable part of gambling?

Statistics show that more than half of adults (56%) in South Africa “very like gambling”, compared to only 21% globally.

Many people in Poland (30%), Portugal (31%), Brazil (24%) and India (25%) also like to gamble.

Fantasy sports take the world by storm

Sports betting as a broad category is loved by almost all markets. However, different countries have very different preferences for different subcategories.

Emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa seem to be more interested in these new forms of gambling. 39% of Brazilians said they would do so if it was easier to place more bets. Many Brazilians are interested in e-sports (30%) and fantasy sports (27%).

In more mature markets such as the UK and Denmark, the situation is just the opposite. It seems that few people are hindered by the inconvenience of placing bets.


Fantasy sports is a more interactive form of sports gambling. In recent years, it has become more and more well-known in some markets.


South Africa seems to be the largest untapped market for fantasy sports, with 57% of South Africans saying they would gamble more if it were easier. Similarly, developing markets such as India generally show strong interest in fantasy sports; more mature markets such as the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are all close to the global average.

Consumer preferences: knowing what is important to gamblers

2/5 gamblers regard fun and enjoyment as an important factor in their betting. 3/10 of gamblers (30%) believe that favorable odds are an important factor in their betting; more than a quarter of gamblers (27%) are driven by hunches.


Related to marketers, one in five bettors (20%) said that promotional activities are also an important factor for gambling.

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